Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Birthday

is tomorrow.

The big 2-3.


Mani/pedis and lunch with mom.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Cheesy Tourist Photo.
(JCrew Dress)

Old Las Vegas

Deep Fried Oreos and Twinkies, Yum!
(French Connection Dress w/oversize Pailettes)


Old Las Vegas light show.

Red Rock Park

Purchasing Power.

Well I do have to say I restrained myself quite well while in Vegas. Truthfully I don't really NEED anything so I just bought a few little trinkets.

I did not buy that book there but it came in the mail right before I left and I was super excited about it, so I thought I'd throw it in for good measure.

Limited Edition Chanel Kaleidoscope Nail Colour.

And I hadddd to get it since I've been pining over it since it came out.
YSL Y-mail change purse. I LOVEEE it!

I also bought a splendid brand tee from the Saks but that's pretty self explanatory.

And to cap it off a baby lynx grabbing my boob (I'm wearing the splendid shirt)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Leaving Las Vegas

Sitting here in the McCarran Airport getting ready to catch the red eye home to Philly. Had a great trip. Eating, shopping and sightseeing like a tourist, haha. Our room was really nice, the rental car saved a lot of cab $$ and I bought some goodies that I'll have to post when I return.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Travel Goodies

As a precaution to my air travel this week (FYI: I hate flying) I made sure to stock up on some goodies for the plane.


Cooking Mama was good and I can't wait to play this one, I haven't opened it yet and I won't till we leave. How AZN and NERDY of me.

We leave on Friday night and it's a red eye flight so I am going to attempt to sleep on the plane. I bought this to make it a little easier. It's so SOFT!

And of course my carry on will be filled with some good gossip mags and maybe a magazine or two of real substance. (I'd like to bring the new Vogue but it's HUGE and I don't really want to lug it there and back.)

One last note, this website GuidoFistPump.com, I think the Jersey Girl section is probably the BEST thing ever.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sex and the City Season 3 Episode 47

So I was watching SATC the other night while cleaning my room and I happened to watch this episode (see title).

Personally Fendi does nothing for me. I think the Spy bag is atrocious, I don't get that weird closure thing (is it a coin purse?) and I hate that the handles look like they are falling apart. And none of their other bags are even memorable enough for me to even bother posting pictures.

Anyway, I know this bag in the picture below is old news considering that season three was probably happening in the late 90's but I want it. Something about the purple sequins and I guess theoretically the baguette itself is not such a terrible style. Now where am I going to find this?

OOOHHH!!! Sex and the City movie out on DVD TUESDAY!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Leaving for Las Vegas on the 23rd, a week from Tuesday. Derek and I are staying at Excalibur, haha I'm like a princess in a castle. I'm totally riding the NYNY roller coaster and shopping my butt off at the Fashion Show Mall, The Forum at Caesars, and the Wynn.

I love mini vay-cays.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


um i kind of need these bindings. i'm going to be reasonable and say i don't need the boots because i just bought brand new dc boas but i NEED these bindings, and i WANT the board.

Ride Snowboards

"Canvas" Board
"Zeta MVMNT" Bindings
"Sash Boa Coiler" Boots

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cashmere Maffia

I bought the most fabulous Theory cashmere zip up sweater. It's a red giant roll over collar 3/4-ish sleeve waffle knit 100% cashmere dream. I want it to be fall asap so I can wear it. I'll have to post a picture once I stop being lazy and get my camera out. I have some ebay auctions I want to post and they all need pics as well.

I also ordered a Jcrew boyfriend sweater. I kind of thought I wasn't going to buy into the whole boyfriend sweater trend but they're just so comfy and they flatter most silhouettes. Not quite cashmere, but definitely not your Grandmom's itchy wool nightmare.

Featherweight Merino Glass-Button Cardigan

Long and lean: the silhouette of the season with faceted Czech glass buttons. Extra-fine merino wool in a 14-gauge knit. V-neck. Rib trim at neck, cuffs and hem. Long sleeves. Patch pockets. Hits at low hip. Import. Dry Clean

It isn't shipping out until October 7th! But this color was by far the best, I love the contrast black buttons. I like it so much I was thinking of getting the bright rubarb.

And to wrap it all up.... I am thinking of buying this vintage Chanel tote in black leather. The dimensions are. Height 14'', Width 14", Depth 3 1/2", and Strap Drop is 12 1/2." I like it because it's discreet, has the woven chain strap and the quilting but it doesn't SCREAM Chanel with the giant C logo, and it's nice and roomy to use for school.

Nicole Ritchie carrying it....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Taupe is the New Black.

I've only recently gotten over my decision not to buy the Chanel Robertson Blvd. Rodeo Drive nail colour. I just can't bring myself to spend over $30 on one shade, $20 for Chanel is not a huge deal at all, but $30 for a tiny thing of nail colour! I was fine spending the $25 when I thought I could just get it from Neiman's or Saks or something but when I saw that it was only going to be available online from Chanel.com +$7.00 to get it to my house or in the store, which was not happening any day of the week, I died a little inside.

So I bought the next best thing OPI. Wide brush, long lasting, and reasonably priced at around $8.00.

"Do you Lilac it?"

So, I never got into the Black Satin, Black Noir Chanel colors. Reminded me too much of 7th grade Wet and Wild nail polish and it just didn't sit right with me. Recently my boyfriend's Mom came to visit from Florida and she had on this darkish grey color for her pedicure. I was instantly sold. Not quite black, not light grey, more of a warm grey or taupe color. OPI's "You Don't Know Jacques" was what I found and quite possibly the color her manicurist/pedicurist Connie used considering Connie has colors before I even know they exist like the Chanel Azur I got a pedicure with last spring and the color I hunted EVERYWHERE for when I got home.

"You Don't Know Jacques"

So I'm calling it now, and if no one picks up, I have an awesome new color all to myself!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Pedro Garcia Satin Ballerina Fats

Pedro Garcia
"Iris Banana Flats"

Lime satin banana flats with round toe. Pedro Garica shoes have a rubber designer emblem embossed sole and intentionally frayed edges.

Ordered today!

Monday, September 1, 2008

NYC baby.

NYC was a blast, as usual.

Lots of shopping, but surprisingly I didn't come home with anything. Pretty much spent the day in SoHo, but we hit up a few other places on the way, Tokio7, Ina, and Pinkberry, MMMmmmmMMM love me some coffee with carab chips!

Anyway from what I saw at the SoHo Chanel I'm considering a Jumbo Caviar Leather Flap Bag. I think with my height that anything smaller is just going to look too small on me and I need to have the caviar leather because I will destroy lambskin.

I've been thinking about a few other things, I need a new belt.

32 mm reversible leather strap in Chocolate/Orange, Box/Togo calfskin (width : 1.25" ) & 5382 buckle, silver and palladium plated
Ref. 052000CAAA095 & 052170CK05

I want something plain and that's going to last. I think this Hermes style is minimal chic and while a little bit pricey for a belt I'll have this forever. I really like the orange color and it's reversible to brown although there's a blue/black option that makes more sense since I barely wear anything brown.

Some jewelry choices on my mind....

Kelly Double tour bracelet, (2.5" diameter)
Ref. 054695CC89

I think this bracelet is cute. I'm kind of worried that the clasp might get in the way but I still like it anyway. I'm wondering if it's available in any other color.

Mini Chaine d'Ancre Necklace in silver with horseshoe pendant (length 15.7")
Ref. 104066b00

Cute necklace in sterling with a horseshoe, something I've been looking for.

11mm New Albion Ring

This ring, just not in this stone. The store in KOP said they can make it in my birthstone Pink Tourmaline.

Oh and I want to try this....

Summer Hair Wash & Wear
An instant spray shampoo.

What it is formulated to do:
Get presentable without water using this refreshing style reviver. Refreshes limp or overworked locks without water, while helping to protect hair against the effects of UV rays with Solarshield™ protection, an innovative sun protection technology developed by Frédéric Fekkai that helps combat the effects of UV rays on hair.