Sunday, November 15, 2009


I find myself so busy these days, never have any time to update anymore. I've acquired a few things in the past few weeks. Ebay, sales, window shopping. I really love fall, perfect season for clothes. It's cooler but not freezing and the perfect time to wear sweaters, chic hats, and scarves!

I discovered Eugenia Kim hats at the Neiman Marcus outlet while frantically searching for good Louboutin deals. The hat wasn't a color I would wear so I ended up putting it back but I went home and discovered the style and brand. Found this hat on and for 50% off too!

Eugenia Kim 'Muffy' hat

A few weeks ago NM had a shopping night. I went with my friend and originally wasn't planning on buying anything. Found this awesome cashmere Vince sweater in black. Ironically enough I ended up finding it at T J Maxx a few weeks later in black, grey and oatmeal... of course I bought the grey and oatmeal...and for 1/2 the freaking price!! My mom liked my black one so much she bought the black one I found!

While I am no where near close to being able to afford my dream bag... a 35cm Birkin in Togo with Palladium Hardware, I did manage to pick up this Kelly Double Tour Bracelet in Etoupe Barenia leather. Love it, it's so cute and the color is so versatile!

I spotted this buffalo plaid vest at Gap while searching for sweaters and jeans. They didn't have my size at CH so I went all the way to Deptford to get this one... haven't worn it yet and I am still searching out a top to wear with it. Maybe I should just do what the model is doing and rock a henley with it?

I have been coveting this Bbag since this summer. Spotted it on Fleabay in like JUNE! but the price was just too high. They were both relisted several times before giving up. So a week or two ago they both pop up again! There were two listed, one was more and sold and the other one I was watching but missed the auction while I was doing something. I realized a 0 feedback bidder had one the auction so I contacted the seller and told them if they didn't pay I wanted the bag and I would pay ASAP. A week later they contacted me and I got a BIN complete with bing cashback! I loveeeeee it!! I hope I don't get addicted to Bbags!

Picked up my Louie yesterday. Got her handles replaced since they started to peel? Weird... just got her in February, the exact day the Sprouse line launched at KOP. It's weird with the brand new handles but I'm hoping they'll turn pretty quick.

Monday, November 2, 2009

fml.... THESE BOOTS!!!

I know I am late to these but ummm I need $1900 STAT.

'Hermes Jumping Boots'