Friday, October 17, 2008

Herve Leger

I've been kinda busy lately with school work.

I just had to post this dress though. I NEED this.
herve leger
one shoulder bandage dress

Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm sorry Blogger

I'm sorry Blogger, I've been neglecting you but I was too busy acing my apparel merchandise management store report alone (by choice of course) while everyone else had groups of 3 or more and getting the only 100 in the class.

Nothing really is new. Just working my ass off in school, working, applying frantically everywhere for everything and anything and hoping for the best! I'm kind of nervous but I'm applying for an executive development buying and merchandise planning program at the Neiman Marcus headquarters in Dallas, TX. It's a 12 week course and while I would be wary of traveling all the way out to Texas for it I really want to work with some aspect of high end fashion.

ALSO! The FIM program is planning a trip to China in the spring to visit QVC Shanghai and it sounds like an amazing opportunity to travel and unfortunately receive 4 more credits that I won't use for anything. Price for this is a big issue but I was thinking graduating present, although if I have a job by March it really wouldn't be an option and then I would default back to jewelry or Chanel bag.

I am SOOO craving the tomato bisque soup from ZooZa Crackers at the Wynn, seriously the best tomato bisque EVER.

Oh and on one last note, October 10th Diesel is celebrating their 30th Anniversary with $50.00 limited edition denim!!! How exciting, I will definitely be there before my 11am class, ha!