Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bal Addiction

I've always been a fan of Balenciaga. When the first Bal bag hit... I don't recall the name... you know the one with the fringey tassels....MK&A had them in 495675983739201745 different colors, I wanted one really bad. Unfortunately at that time I was younger and mostly unemployed (well unemployed in a sense that my small salary for whatever I was doing at the time wasn't going to come anywhere close to paying for that bag). So, I forgot about it, naturally, and moved on.

Fast foward to now..... a few months ago I bought a Floral Giant City with SHW in the Japonaise sateen Floral print.... I think it was a Balenciaga.com exclusive. I love this bag. The shoulder strap, the handles fit perfectly on my shoulder anyway, the size, the functionality, great bag.... would love another one.

Slightly off topic, electric blue is an amazing color for shoes, clothes, bags, you name it. Some day I will get my hands on a pair of Christian Louboutin Electric Blue suede Declics.

Anyway, I was browsing RealDealCollection.com and I saw this Bal clutch and I had to have it. I don't have very many clutches for going out (aside from my vintage ones and my white patent YSL Y-Mail) and this will be peeeerrrrffffeeecccctt!