Friday, July 24, 2009

Long Time No See!

It has been ages since I've written anything. I've done so much shopping since my last post. Too much shopping really. I've acquired several pairs of shoes and lots of clothes since the last I wrote. I went, I saw and I conquered the sales at Saks, Neimans, & Barneys.

Went to NYC a month or two ago for the Decades Two pop-up boutique. While I did not purchase anything from Decades I hit up my usual consignment shops. Tokio 7 and Ina (Soho, Noho, and Nolita) and other randoms. I picked up this Marc Jacobs dress at the Nolita location of Ina, or maybe it was Noho. I've been looking for this dress foreverrrr, it's several seasons old.

At Saks I got a DVF Jill wrap top (in pink, black is pictured but I couldn't find a photo of it and Prada bamboo wedges (mine are black patent, dark grey is pictured.)

From Barney's I got a pair Christian Louboutin light gold metallic Barcelona sandals, a deal I couldn't refuse. I also got a DVF Hazelle top in red (photo shows white, but same style.)

From Joan Shepp I purchased another pair of Christian Louboutin Barcelona Sandals in tan/natural leather, these were actually the first pair. I went in originally to just try them on and I was hooked. I got them on sale but not nearly as good of a deal as the Barney's light gold metallic pair.

From I got another Jill wrap top. It was on sale and I couldn't help myself. They look great with jeans and go with pretty much everything!

In my Christian Louboutin mania I became obsessed with finding the Tigresse wedge in either colorway, the Zebra or Leopard. One random Sunday the online shopping Gods shone down on me and allowed Net-A-Porter to have my size, on sale and it happened to be the LAST pair! I am LOVING my summer wedges.

On my random clothing adventures I passed up on a Juicy top with a strawberry print. I regretted later but thought I would never find it in my size. As horrible as it can be sometimes Ebay came through and I got it in my size for a great price!

Last of all Neimans. Last week I became infatuated with Christian Louboutin aqua patent hyper prives. I searched high and low in a frenzy and came up empty handed. My *tpf forum CL angel* came through and was able to locate a pair for me, yay! I got them today but they are a little snug in the toebox. Off to the cobbler they went, hopefully to come back fitting perfectly. I took them to Rossi Shoe Service in Ardmore, PA as well as a pair to be soled with Vibrams, they look like they do exceptional work so we'll see come Friday.