Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Shoe Hunt

Just when I feel like I have acquired the last pair of shoes that I think I will need for a while something else pops up, it's like clockwork.

I think I am going to start buying the majority of my shoes on sale. I get more satisfaction from the sale and well if I don't find them they weren't meant to be.

I have been messaging back and forth with this seller on ebay about these amazing Charlotte Olympia Greta pumps in a seafoamy green ostrich.

They're from the A/W 2008 line.

I've also may have accidentally bought these cute little striped Prada flats. I wanted them before the sale but found the price to be a little outrageous for some canvas flats with a bow. At roughly 60% off I figured I could splurge.

A little kitschy but definitely me :-P

Last but not least my actual sale purchases. I already posted the lovely pair of Manolo's I received at 60% off from Nordies.

Simple Pump 100 (jade patent) Barney's

Simple Pump 85 (framboise patent) Nordstrom Rack via Ebay

Candy Flats via Ebay

That's all for now....

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