Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Charlotte Olympia Shoe Update and Maiden Voyage of the Candies!

I decided to pass on the Charlotte Olympias. As much as I love that color and skin (GOD I need ostrich in my life) I tried to think of outfits I would pair with them and came up with nothing. It pains me to pass on such a gorgeous shoe but there is no point in buying them and having them sit in the closet. I still haven't worn the Manolos but I am NOT getting rid of those.

I wore my candy flats out to dinner last night with DA.

My god are they uncomfortable. It's that stupid ribbon trim at the top circling the shoe, the same reason my python rosellas are slightly uncomfortable. If python wasn't so pliable they would be REALLY uncomfortable and the combination of patent/rigid lace on the candies just make me want to scream!! I already have a blister and we only went out for dinner. To keep or not to keep? I already applied a foot petal which did not help..... TO THE FOOTCARE AISLE WE GO! (after work of course).

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